Meyoucyle - Eleanor Bauer, Chris Peck - Ictus

We're currently finishing the last preparations for the premier of Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck's Meyoucyle on 11/05 at the Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil! Also to be seen later this month at Kunstenfestival des Arts in Brussels!

Eleanor Bauer's newest creation brings together the different poles of her artistic work in a remarkable piece: Meyoucycle , which sounds rather like ‘musical’ spoken with a strange accent. Together with composer Chris Peck, Bauer throws all the ingredients of the musical comedy (song, text, dance, and music) into the blender, resulting in a completely new, hybrid genre. Four performers share the stage with Brussels musical ensemble Ictus. The show is a tribute to the ‘song’, the expressive art form in which poetics directly transport feelings and ideas. As a ‘me-you-cycle,’ the performance is a song cycle written in dialogue between Bauer and Peck about me and you and everything in-between, how we communicate and understand each other. Meyoucycle is a science-fiction concert about ordinary emotions in an age of technological advancement and hyper capitalism.