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give my regards to 116th street

This solo album consists of all new pieces written by composers I encountered or worked with during my three-year long stay in New York City. For one reason or another most of these composers were or are affiliated with the music department of Columbia University located at 116th street. This program could be seen as my humble homage to a particular part of the new music scene in New York City.

"Beautifully conceived and realised in palpably real audio, this is end of year chart material for sure." - The Wire, issue 37

"Lovely record, of a baffling beauty!" - Vital Weekly #977

label: carrier records


Oh Mensch


Microtonal music for 2 guitars

Oh Mensch is a guitar duo consisting of Kobe van Cauwenberghe & Matthias Koole. This CD features microtonal pieces for two guitars by composers Arthur Kampela, Larry Polansky, Brian Ferneyhough, Christopher Trapani and Turgut Erçetin. The cd is a result of the work of Oh mensch during their fellowship at Akademie Schloss solitude (2013-2015).

"There is something oddly beautiful in these
duets [...]. The more I played it, the more I liked it."
- Vital Weekly #1116

label: seminal records


selection of releases, for full overview click here

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badminton in Tehran

Badminton in Tehran started with the question: 'what would happen if we worked with grooves for a few months?' After that, anything was allowed. We created an online space where each of us could drop personal demos, which could then be used freely by the other members. Within a few months a primordial soup of beats and grooves and little snippets of text was created. And when we started the recording sessions with producer Rudy Trouvé, this served as the raw material out of which 10 new songs were crafted. Badminton in Tehran is the first record in which all tracks are composed by Zwerm and it grooves like a Rube Goldberg-machine – DIY and slightly irregular.


De Standaard ★★★★ 
'Wat een geluid, wat een energie, wat een ideeënrijkdom. Fantastische plaat.' 

HUMO ★★★★ 
'This Heat, Pere Ubu, Pierre Bastien en Red Krayola zijn de sterren, maar grooves doen ook mee.' 

De Morgen - 10 beste albums van de week 
'Wie bands als The Ex kan smaken of, pakweg, de platen op avantgardelabel Unsounds, aarzelt niet!'

label: Time Goes By



Zwerm performs a collection of One-page Pieces by Karl Berger, Earle Brown, Alvin Curran, Nick Didkovsky, Joel Ford, Daniel Goode, Clinton McCallum, Larry Polansky and Christian Wolff. Zwerm and their collaborators took full advantage of the opportunity to create their own scores out of these one-page pieces, to allow their own creativity and compositional ideas to run free, to explore interesting sound worlds, and to seek out possible links between the pieces. These positive experiences are inherent to the format of the one-page piece: a composer provides a musical idea, in traditional notation, prose, graphics, or some combination of all three; sometimes this idea is rough or conceptual, sometimes more clear in its musical content and process. The rest is up to the musicians. 

"[...] original and refreshing representation of the spirit of the experimental avant-garde" - De Standaard, 2013

label: new world records



With "Electric Consort" Zwerm delves into the repertoire of the English Renaissance music. Inspired by the popular genre of consort music, Zwerm transforms its instrumentation of an electric guitar quartet into a contemporary consort - or “electric consort” - and pay tribute to some of the old masters in a contemporary setting.

This is a live-album recorded at concerts at AlbaNova festival in Bilzen, and MA festival in Bruges.

"Zwerm are tinkerers who cracked the code of centuries-old music, and made it new again. Zwerm play the music of the past, the present, and the future, all at once." - Classical Next, 2017

"In exploring compositions from the English Rennaissance, the four musicians seduced, surprised and intrigued their audience.” - Ouest France, 2016

label: Time Goes By



Wandering Rocks is a piece conceived for four electric guitars and 27 loud speakers by François Sarhan and written for Zwerm. The source of the prerecorded sounds is mainly synthesis elaborated with an analogic modular synth called SERGE, in La Muse en Circuit. This piece, about 35 minutes long, is not meant for concert halls, because it is not frontal, but for a large room which can welcome a moving (wandering) audience: the public can walk between the loudspeakers, which are disposed in concentric circles, and between the guitarists, who are in the smallest circle, therefore surrounded by the loudspeakers.
The title comes from a chapter from Ulysses, by James Joyce, entitled «Wandering Rocks». Joyce´s voice, reading a short excerpt from Ulysses is heard in the second half of the piece.

label: alamuse


A selection of releases I performed in.


Helmut Lachenmann "...Zwei Gefühle..." and solo works

Lachenmann performs in and supervises these recordings with Ensemble Signal, one of America’s leading New Music ensembles. In addition to performing as narrator in „…Zwei Gefühle …“. Lachemann also is the soloist for three of his piano works. 

These studio recordings followed an intensive four concert tour of this program. Lachenmann taught each musician of Ensemble Signal individually on his language of techniques for this project.

“The audience whooped and cheered after every work.” – Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times, reviewing the Miller Theatre concert.

label: mode records


DONAUeSCHINger Musiktage 2012

This CD features the full live concert of Nadar ensemble at the Donaueschingen Musiktage 2012. Works by Stefan Prins, Johannes Kreidler, Yoav Pasovsky and Klaus Schedl.

label: Neos


Stefan Prins: Augmented

This CD and DVD gives an extensive overview of the latest work by Stefan Prins, including the first studio recordings of “Generation Kill” and “Mirror Box Extended” with Nadar-ensemble.

label: Kairos