No [more] Pussyfooting

So, on a piece of paper, written in large letters & placed on the mixing console
- No Pussyfooting –
that we should not compromise what we felt to be right.
— R. Fripp

No [more] Pussyfooting brings back to live the classic experimental studio-albums “No Pussyfooting” and “Evening Star” by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. In these pre-ambient albums from the early '70s Brian Eno blends his tape-loop experiments with Robert Fripp's rock guitar, creating unique layered soundscapes.

Two specific pieces from both albums will be presented: "The Heavenly Music Corporation" (A-side of "No Pussyfooting") and "An Index of Metals" (B-side of "Evening Star"). Both pieces, each taking up an entire side of an LP, beautifully explore the rich sound textures of the electric guitar in combination with tape-loops.

Using contemporary technology in combination with the original “frippertronics” set-up of two reel-to-reel tape-recorders, this project aims at restoring these gems of experimental repertoire, originally created in the studio, and bringing them back to the stage.

the machine
becoming part of the work; encroaching on performance in
real time
— D. Toop


Kobe Van Cauwenberghe: guitar, tape-recorders and arrangement

With a background projection of the experimental film "Berlin Horse" by Malcolm Legrice



11/03/2017 try-out at Qo2, Brussels

25/03/2017 MaerzMusik - The Long Now, Kraftwerk, Berlin

01/04/2017 Rewire Festival, The Hague

13/05/2017 Ear To The Ground, deBijloke, Gent

25/06/2017 AlbaNova, Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Bilzen

09/09/2017 Meakusma Festival, Eupen

20/11/2017 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield


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With the support of ChampdAction, the Flemish Government and AP Hogeschool Antwerpen


Banner image: Willie Chistie (original cover design for No Pussyfooting)