The New Yorker

On friday 11/10 I will return to Spectrum in New York to play No [more] Pussyfooting once more. This concert is also featured in a “Goings on about town” announcement in The New Yorker, mentioning my set as a highlight. Come by if you’re around!

While in the US I’ll also give a talk at Peabody Institute about my current research project on the music of Anthony Braxton, followed by a solo set of Braxton ‘s music at Red Room in Baltimore on tuesday 08/10.

I’m also meeting with people from the Tricentric foundation and visiting Anthony Braxton’s archive in New Haven as part of this research project.

Festival Musica 2019

This week I’ll be heading to Strasbourg for this years Festival Musica, playing concerts with both Zwerm and Nadar!

Zwerm will play its immersive concert program “Our Ears Felt Like Canyons” with music by Christopher Trapani, Joanna Bailie and Alexander Schubert, in Lucas Van Haesbroeck’s beautiful light scenography. We will play two dates on wednesday 25th and thursday 26th of september. More info here

Then on september 28, Nadar Ensemble will perform its acclaimed “Doppelgänger” program with music by Stefan Prins, Serge Verstockt, Simon Steen-Andersen and Michael Beil. Check here for details!

Ghost Trance Project

In january I started a new 2-year artistic research project focussing on the music of Anthony Braxton, and more specifically his “Ghost Trance Music” compositions, and how they allow for a multi-hierarchic and trans-idiomatic performance practice.

Balancing between notation and improvisation, Anthony Braxton’s “Ghost Trance Music” represent a unique body of “open works” that challenges traditional roles of composer, score and performer. In “Ghost Trance Music” Braxton’s entire fascinating musical universe comes together. You step into a ritual, guided by a melody without beginning or end, a stream of consciousness that serves as the central track leading you into the unknown. Originally inspired by the Native American practice of the Ghost Dance ritual, where surviving members of Native American tribes would attempt to communicate with their ancestors through transcendental ghost dances, the Ghost Trance Music pieces are specifically designed to function as pathways between Braxton’s different musical systems, between notation and improvisation, between past, present and future. It allows for a plurality of musical practices to join forces and creates an arena in which Braxton helps curate intuitive experiences for both performers and listeners.

Through this research project I will explore different interpretational possibilities of Ghost Trance Music, both in the context of a solo performance as in group. On june 25th I have the pleasure to present the first outcome of this research in a solo recital at Unerhörte Musik in Berlin. Also on the program are solo works by David Helbich and Martin Rane Bauck. Hope to see you there!

If you can’t come to the concert here’s a little excerpt of my interpretation of Braxton’s Composition No. 193 (+ 69Q).

Check here for more info on Ghost Trance Project

If you’re interested in reading more about Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music, make sure to check out Erica Dicker’s excellent article in SoundAmerican’s Braxton Issue.

For more info on Anthony Braxton in general, check out the Tri-Centric Foundation.

May Mayhem! Zwerm's debut @ Barbican and much more!

This month of may is packed with activities and will take me from Utrecht to Gent to the Barbican in London, followed by Rotterdam, Wroclaw and finally Bruges! Not one program we’re touring, but all different projects and programs with 2 of my favourite bands, Zwerm and Nadar!

Zwerm will join forces once more with experimental guitar legend Fred Frith, playing two double bills in Tivoli/Vredeburg, Utrecht and Vooruit, Gent on 10 and 11/05 respectively. Just a few days later we will head to London for performances at the prestigious Barbican Center (!) as part of the Sound Unbound Festival on 18 and 19/05. We will play our much acclaimed “Electric Consort” program with arrangements of English Renaissance music as well as performances of Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint”, joining forces with the New York quartet Dither and Mark Stewart. Lastly on may 22nd we will head to Rotterdam for a performance of “Echo” with Post Uit Hessdalen, as part of the Operadagen festival.

Then with Nadar I will head to Poland for a portrait concert of Alexander Schubert at the Musica Electronica Nova festival in Wroclaw on 25/05. Nadar will also end the month with a bang with the the world premiere of Bernhard Lang’s large new work “HERMETIKA IX ‘Vox Angeli II'” on 30/05 at Concertgebouw Brugge.

Maybe see you there!

10/05 Badminton in Tehran, Zwerm & Fred Frith, Tivoli/Vredeburg, Utrecht (NL)

11/05 Badminton in Tehran, Zwerm & Fred Frith, Vooruit, Gent (BE)

18/05 Electric Consort + Electric Counterpoint (w/ Dither and Mark Stewart), Sound Unbound, Barbican Center, London (UK)

19/05 Electric Consort + Electric Counterpoint (w/ Dither and Mark Stewart), Sound Unbound, Barbican Center, London (UK)

22/05 Echo, Zwerm & Post uit Hessdalen, Operadagen, Rotterdam (NL)

25/05 Private Room: Alexander Schubert, Nadar, Musica Nova Electronica, Wroclaw (PL)

30/05 “HERMETIKA IX ‘Vox Angeli II'” , Bernhard Lang, Nadar, Concertgebouw Brugge (BE)