Marta - Wolfgang Mitterer

It's a real pleasure and honour to join the Ictus ensemble in the creation of a new opera by Austrian composer Wolfgang Mitterer at the Opéra de Lille! Ictus joins a stellar cast of singers in this haunting new opera, called Marta.

In the pit with Ictus at Opéra de Lille.

In the pit with Ictus at Opéra de Lille.

In a world rent asunder by a dreadful melancholy, ruled by a King Arthur who has been rendered powerless, bewildered, some crazy redeemer has made all the children disappear... The only remaining child is the Queen's daughter, Marta, an ageless doll, whose hair is continually being combed by her mother. Within her glass cage, Marta is given over for the adoration of the people: the final vestige of a doomed world. Poised between sleep and fear, between lynching and fires, in the blinding glare of an irradiated world, death is spreading relentlessly.

The premiere will take place on sunday 13/03 with further shows until 21/03 at the opéra de Lille and one reprise in Reims on april 18.

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