CD release of my first solo album!

I'm very excited to finally announce the official release of my first solo album "Give my regards to 116th street" on Carrier records!! The album will be released on february 8th!  

“Give my regards to 116th street” is a solo guitar program that consists of all new pieces written by composers I encountered or worked with during my three-year long stay in New York City. For one reason or another most of these composers were or are affiliated with the music department of Columbia University located at 116th street. This program could be seen as my humble homage to a particular part of the new music scene in New York City.


Strata (6:37), Alex Mincek - 2012

Sui Generis (10:58), Taylor Brook - 2014

Spindle (8:56), Rama Gottfried - 2012

Silent Screen (6:38), Aaron Einbond - 2012

1950 C (7:28), Paul Clift - 2011

Really Coming Down (10:49), Christopher Trapani - 2007


There will be an official release event in Paris on february 8th as part of Soundinitiative's "Speakeasy"-concert series. For more info and reservations click here or contact There's very limited seating for this event, so if you're around Paris on the 8th, quickly reserve a spot and get your copy first hand!

The CD will be released on Carrier records, an independed label that quickly became an invaluable part of the new music scene in New York and elsewhere. You can order a physical copy or download through my website or through Carrier records. The album will also available as a download through all regualr channels, although if you want to make sure the money goes straight to the artist, I recommend buying it directly from this website or from Carrier.

This album was made possible with the generous support of the Harry and Alice Eiler Foundation.