"Give my regards to 116th Street" in Berlin!

On tuesday 09/12 I'll perform my solo program "Give my regards to 116th street" in Berlin as part of the Unerhörte Musik series at the BKA theater!

“Give my regards to 116th street” is a solo guitar program that consists of all new pieces written by composers I encountered and/or worked with during my 3 year long stay in New York City. For one reason or another most of these composers were/are affiliated with the music department of
Columbia University located at 116th street. This program could be seen as my humble homage to a particular part of the new music scene in New York City.


Alex Mincek, "Strata"

Christopher Trapani, "Really Coming Down"

Taylor Brook, "Sui Generis"

Aaron Einbond, "Silent Screen"

Paul Clift, "1950C"

Rama Gottfried, "Spindle"

09/12, 20h30, Unerhörte Musik, Berlin (BKA-theater) 


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