New York

It's very nice to be back in New York from march 30th till April 6th!

If you're in or around town I'm playing two concerts here this week! 

I curated a  small concert at Spectrum in the Lower East Side on April 3rd at 7pm. Performances by myself and guest musicians Fabienne Seveillac (mezzo-soprano), Dennis Sullivan (percussion) and Ed Rosenberg (saxophone), more info here!


Simon Steen-Andersen, "In Her Frown"

Alexander Schubert, "Your Fox's A Dirty Gold"

Fausto Romitelli, "Trash TV Trance"

Georges Aperghis, "Pub"

Alexander Schubert, "Infinite Jest"


On April 4th I have the pleasure to join the wonderful Either/Or ensemble with a program dedicated to the music of Rebecca Saunders at Miller theater! The composer will be there for an onstage discussion during intermission, check for more details here!


Rebecca Saunders, "Vermillion"

Rebecca Saunders, "Dichroic Seventeen"

Rebcca Saunders, "Murmurs"