March performances!

March performances with my favorite groups Zwerm, Nadar and Soundinitiative!!

10/03 Premiere of Arachnaratata with Zwerm and visual artist Joachim Devillé, a theatrical performance for kids! More info here!

In dit concert stellen vier belangrijke buitenlandse wetenschappers hun ingenieuze machine voor aan het publiek: de Arachnaratata.  Hun uitvinding  is een ingewikkeld kluwen van kabeltjes, zoals alleen een gekke maar heel slimme spin zou kunnen bedenken.
De gitaristen van Zwerm bouwden een instrument met meer dan honderd effectpedalen – maar geen gitaren! In deze wirwar worden de beelden van video-artiest Joachim Devillé omgezet in muziek. De hele vloer ligt bezaaid met draden en bakjes, maar wat als de machine haar eigen zin wil doen?


15/03 PARK with Shila Anaraki, Stefan Prins and Zwerm in de Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Here is a short trailer of this performance which was very well received at the Darmstadt festival for new music and in deSingel in Antwerp! More info here!


16/03 I'll be playing Trash TV Trance by Fausto Romitelli during Marelle, an event that's part of the Ars Musica festival where the audience is invited to discover 40 short pieces spread around La Maison de la Création in Brussels. More info here!


17/03 Zwerm will present a try-out concert of their new program One Page Pieces as part of Ars Musica! After the succes of the first Zwerm album "The World's longest melody" featuring the music of Larry Polansky (shortlisted by The wire magazine in their 50 best albums of 2010), the One Page Pieces will be Zwerm's next album on New World Records. More info about this concert here!

One Page Pieces are compositions that fit on a single page – sometimes just one musical idea, other times consisting of a large musical structure with concert- length proportions. Rough sketches, witty sound experiments, conceptual folk songs, politically engaged “sound” manifests... All of these One Page Pieces require a considerable amount of creativity and compositional skills from the performers. In other words, a perfect fit for Zwerm!


23/03 Nadar performs Alexander Schubert's Point Ones and Stefan Prins' Generation Kill as part of the Ars Musica festival in Brussels. The premier of Generation Kill at the Donaueschinger Tage was named one of 10 memorable performances of 2012 by Alex Ross. Don't miss the Belgian premier of this piece!

The deepest impression was made by Stefan Prins's "Generation Kill," an explosive synthesis of live and electric sound which focussed on the intersections of technology and global conflict.
A. Ross, The New Yorker, 12/11/2012

Click here for more info on this event!


24/03 Soundinitiative plays Artificial Environments at the What's Next Festival! An all british program with new pieces by Joana Bailie, Chris Swithinbank and Rebecca Saunders. More info here or here!

With “Artificial Environment” soundinitiative presents a program of all English music, bringing together three generations of English composers. Rather than representing an “English school” all four of them show a distinct and personal esthetic in their music. These different approaches can result in theatrical gestures and rituals, the use of field recordings and electronics, radios, music-boxes and other external objects, all of which fit perfectly in the artificial environment that is the (concert)stage.