Hello from down under!!!

I'm currently on an amazing tour with soundinitiative, which has taken us to Singapore, New Zealand and currently Melbourne where I'm writing this. 

After a very well received concert at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington on august 22nd, we've currently made it to Melbourne, Australia, where we're preparing for three concerts at the Bendigo festival for exploratory music (BIFEM)! The first concert on september 4th will feature the world premier of a 40 minute long work by Austrian composer Bernhard Lang, "The Exhausted" for solo voice and ensemble, a truly great work, with a wonderful guitar part in it! 

On the next day, september 5th, Soundinitiative will perform a second concert featuring chamber works from french composers, I'll perform Rafael Cendo's "Faction". And last but not least, as part of BIFEM's Argonaut-project, I will also perform in Alexander Schubert's electrifying Superimpose-cycle (Superimpose III "Infinite Jest") on september 6th.

After this we go on to Brisbane where soundinitiative will perform "Made in France" again on the 8th of september as part of the Brisbane Festival. Then we return to Singapore where we'll perform Bernhard Lang's "The Exhausted" one more time before ending this tour and returning home to Belgium... :)