More reviews of my album "Give my Regards to 116th Street"!

My solo CD "Give My Regards To 116th Street" received some more reviews and they're more than positive! It was featured in the Dutch alternative music blog Vital Weekly, the Belgian newspaper de Standaard and the french music blog Le Son du Grisli. You can find some quotes and links to the full reviews below. The CD has also been featured on radiostations Klara (Belgium) and The Sound Projector (UK), click on the link to listen to the podcast!

"Listening to all these works, there were moments that kept me on the edge of my seat, eager to register everything that is happening. So this album brings a great player in the spotlight who triggers his instrument to make dances I didn’t know of. Lovely record, of a baffling beauty!"

"I could not have imagined there is still so much to discover from this instrument. But Van Cauwenberghe succeeds in creating many different sounds and textures from this instrument."

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"Those who associate the guitar with nostalgic Spanish tunes, can make some nice discoveries here"

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"Mais le disque n’en est pas moins passionnant. Voilà pourquoi je ne saurais que trop vous conseiller cet état des lieux des jeunes tablatures comme il peut s’en écrire en ce moment même près de la 116ème Rue de New York."

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