Zwerm - Electric Consort

I'm very excited about the premiere of Electric Consort, a new Zwerm production, at the AlbaNova festival in Bilzen on june 29th!

Zwerm delves into the repertoire of the English Renaissance music! Inspired by the popular genre of consort music, Zwerm will transform its instrumentation of an electric guitar quartet into a contemporary consort  - or “electric consort” -  and pay tribute to some of the old masters in a contemporary setting.

By re-interpretating the very popular “In Nomine”-tune, which inspired composers like John Taverner, Christopher Tye, Thomas Tallis, William Byrd and John Dowland, just to name a few; or by making new adaptations of consort-songs with often obvious links to folk music; Zwerm will playfully revisit certain classics of the repertoire in its alter ego of “Electric Consort”. Lastly also the deep fascination with melancholy, so typical for their time, will be addressed in different ways.

Check out our trailers:

Click here te read an interview with yours truly (in dutch) about Electric Consort.


Performance dates:

29/06/2014 AlbaNova Festival, Alden Biezen

03/08/2014 MA-festival, Bruges

03/05/2015 Festival van Vlaanderen, Kortrijk

09/05/2014 deBijloke, Ghent