Give us a lift! soundinitiative fundraiser

soundinitiative has the honour of being the first French ensemble to be selected to participate in the Boost! Young Ensembles Program as part of the Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik(Germany), from August 2nd - 16th 2014.

The group will have the opportunity to work with contemporary music specialists and industry professionals from across the world, working on performance practice, presentation, promotion and dissemination.            

soundinitiative will perform a concert of music by Diez-Fischer, Lanza & Bailie for an audience of peers, potential collaborators and partners as well as being ensemble in residence for Simon Steen-Andersen's composition studio and a part of the electronics workshop.

The festival takes care of the pedagogical and technical costs associated with the event, however it is up to the ensemble to finance the two weeks of accommodation and the transport to and from Paris for the 12 musicians and our guest conductor.

The fundraising campaign with conclude on the 18th of June with an event at the Maison Rouge (contemporary art 'Fondation Antoine de Galbert', Paris 75004) during which the ensemble will perform a new version of their 'Hors les murs' concert concept spread throughout the exhibition 'Le Mur' which has been curated for the 10 year anniversary of the Foundation.

We are calling on you, the ensembles friends, fans and supporters, to help us to make the most of this opportunity that has been afforded us.

Since the soundinitiative's formation almost 3 years ago we have been an active part of the Parisian and the European new-music scene, are we're sure that this experience in Germany will help us to continue to grow and develop as a force for cultural exchange and musical exploration in Europe and the world.

With your help we can put the ensemble in the best position to make the most of the experience.

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