Aliados - Un opéra de temps réel

I'm currently rehearsing with the ensemble Multilatérale on Sebastian Rivas' opera Aliados (allies), which will be premiered as part of Ircam's festival Manifeste on june 14th. A remarkable production of which I'm very happy to be part of! Other playing dates are 15, 17, 18 and 19 june at the Theatre de Gennevilliers

About Aliados (from the Manifeste website):

“We’re also very much aware that it’s you who brought democracy to Chile” said Lady Thatcher when she invited the senator Augusto Pinochet to tea in London in 1999, sparing not the slightest compliment for the man who would soon have to stand trial for his crimes. Following the example of Nixon in China by John Adams, the opera Aliados inspired by political history, in this case by the Falklands War in 1982 and the improbable alliance of the Iron Lady, champion of liberalism, with the Chilian general during the Cold War.

pinochet-thatcherAugusto Pinochet et Margaret Thatcher en 1990. © Jones, L.R.C., Sipa

 The failing memories of the two aged leaders retired from roles of power, revealing archives, and collective history are at the heart of this project by Sebastian Rivas and Esteban Buch, two Argentineans looking back at a decisive event for their generation and their identity. On the theater stage, designed by Antoine Gindt to look like the set of a television program, reality strikes through visual manipulation and stylized singing. An opera in real-time in every sense of the word; historical time and computer time.