Darmstadt 2012

This summer I'll be part of several productions as part of the Darmstadt Summer courses for New Music, including one evening long performance piece and 5 world premiers!

17/07/2012 PARK, with Shila Anaraki, Stefan Prins and Zwerm

Think of a body in stand-by, a short-circuited thought, a human brain processing at a frequency of 5 GHz… In PARK, six computers form a communication network that provides six performers with real-time instructions. PARK confronts the human body with a digital logic. It plays with the border of the human's presence and absence in technology and embodies a puzzle in which they outline each other. With playful precision PARK investigates strategies of embracing, resisting, adapting, disrupting or short-circuiting these technical surroundings. Who infiltrates what, and what infiltrates whom? PARK inhabits a peculiar network, which sputters in a much outmoded way. PARK is a first collaboration between Shila Anaraki and Stefan Prins. Together they depart from Infiltrationen, a composition of Stefan Prins for 4 electric guitars and a live-electronics performer. Central to this composition is the notion of technology infiltrating the conditio humana on several levels. Shila Anaraki is a performer and choreographer. An important part of her work is dedicated to collaborations within the contemporary music field. In these liaisons, Shila Anaraki looks for hybrid concepts from which the work can arise.

18/07/2012 Long Live the New Flesh, with the Nadar Ensemble

Nadar will play a program with three world premieres alternated by videos by Nicolas Provost a.o.:

Alexander Schubert, Point Ones

Johannes Kreidler, Die "sich sammelnde Erfahrung" (Benn): der Ton

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Used Redux (from AutoCine)

27/07/2012 Preisträgerforum

As a winner of the 2010 stipend price at the Darmstadt Festival I'll be participating in this price-winners concert. I'll be performing in 2 world premiers, one by Mark Barden and one by Tim Mariën.