...back to NY!

In 2011 I started commissioning new solo guitar pieces from composers I met while living in New York. On March 4th I'll present a first showcase at Exapno in Brooklyn in which I'll premiere three pieces written by Paul Clift, Aaron Einbond and Rama Gottfried and an additional piece by Christopher Trapani to finalize the program. All pieces are written for solo acoustic guitar, with or without amplification/electronics, but at the same time they also show each composer’s personal and particular approach to the instrument. These different approaches lead to restringing the guitar to accommodate an extreme scordatura, to play it on a table using all kinds of objects going from a metal slide to a milk frother, to bring out the most subtle and soft microscopical sounds using extreme amplification, or deconstructing a classic New Orleans R&B tune...


Paul Clift - 1950c

Aaron Einbond - Silent Screen

Rama Gottfried - Spindle

Christopher Trapani - Really Coming Down


A piece by Alex Mincek is still in the making and will be premiered on April 25th at Logos in Ghent, Belgium.


More info about the March 4th concert on the Exapno site!